Li Ge, deputy director of Xuchang Finance Bureau, and other party members visited Hengda Group to investigate and solve problems

To further promote the study and education of party history, on the morning of June 30th, Li Ge, deputy director of Xuch…… [Know More]



Hengda Group Party Committee organized party members to visit Yang Shuicai Memorial Hall

On the morning of June 27th, the Party Committee of the Group organized more than 20 representatives of Party members to…… [Know More]



Hengda Group Dama Company holds training on standardization of management process

On the afternoon of June 17, DAMA Company of the Group helda special training on the publicity of management process sta…… [Know More]



The Chief Executive of Pang Dong Lai Yu Donglai and His Party Visiting Hengda Group to Discuss the Acceleration of Hengda Jinhui Business Cooperation Project

On the afternoon of 10thJune, Yu Donglai, chairman of Henan Pang Dong Lai Business and Trade Group, visited Ever Reach G…… [Know More]



The Municipal Party Secretary of Xuchang Hu Wuyue, the Senior Vice-Mayor Zhao Wenfeng and Their Party Arriving at Hengda Heyuan to Research and Guide Work

In the morning of 10thJune, the Municipal Party Secretary of Xuchang Hu Wuyue, the Senior Vice-Mayor Zhao Wenfeng, the M…… [Know More]



100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China | Hengda Group won a prize in the Xuchang Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Party History Knowledge Competition

In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Xuchang Real Estate Chamb…… [Know More]



Connecting the past and the next, the rise of the backbone | Hengda Group's mid-level management capability improvement special training camp opens

On June 5th, the group launched the first course of the special training camp for improving middle management ability an…… [Know More]



Hengda Group signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Ping An Life Xuchang Center Branch

On May 27, Chairman Li Xiaobing attended the 33rd Anniversary Carnival held by Ping An Life Insurance Xuchang Center Bra…… [Know More]



The second phase of the training of the Hengda Group Project General Special Training Camp was successfully concluded

From May 29th to 30th, Hengda Group held the second training session of the general special training camp of the project…… [Know More]



Leaders of Xuchang City and Weidu District Federation of Industry and Commerce visited Hengda Group for investigation and guidance

On the morning of May 28th, a team of investigators Zhao Jianmin, Vice Chairman Liang Jinliang of Xuchang City Federatio…… [Know More]



Hengda Group (Holdings) Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2021 Real Estate Company Worthy of the Capital Market’s Attention"

May 21, 2021,the 2021 China Real Estate Development and Service Listed Companies Research Achievement Conference and the…… [Know More]



Zheng Zhi, chairman of the Xuchang branch of the Jiu San Society, and his entourage visited Hengda Group

On the afternoon of May 14, a group of more than ten people, including the chairman of the Xuchang branch of the Jiu San…… [Know More]



Over the past 28 years, our Group has developed King of  North, Jinhui plaza , NAPA Xidi ……

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