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Hengda Xi Jun  is located at the bank of Yunliang River, the intersection of Xinxing Road and Wuyi Road, developed by Xuchang Hengda Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., according to the overall plan, taking the environment as the main starting point, focusing on the overall harmonious relationship of the residential area, combined with the city's Geographical location, the construction of a new type of human settlements, in line with the needs of the modern urban elite lifestyle.


The total planned development area of Hengda Xi Jun  Residential Quarter is 63,507 square meters, with a total construction area of 210,745 square meters. Among them are 12 high-rise residential buildings, one 3-storey kindergarten and two apartments. The planned building adopts the ART-DECO architectural style, and the facade uses a three-stage design method to give the residents a sense of dignity and warmth through the design coordination of elements and symbols. The community adopts the layout pattern of “one heart, one ring, two axes and four groups”, with the central group as the center and the circular road as the skeleton, which connects the groups of the community with the landscape to make the community space coherent. The residential unit adopts innovative corridor design and square shape, which is suitable for the traditional concept of “centering and guarding the right path” of the Central Plains. The area is 102~135 ㎡. The quality is three bedrooms, the three rooms (two bedrooms) are facing south, separated from each other, and the north and south are transparent. , high living comfort. The surrounding traffic is convenient, the supporting facilities are well-versed, the whole life resources are clustered, and the quality of life is above, it is also a kind of temperature enjoyment.it Is also a kind of temperature aristocratic enjoyment.


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