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      Jinhui Plaza  is the Xuchang Chief Urban Complex built by Xuchang Hengda Group for the Xuchang people. As we all know, Hengda Group, as the first-class qualification enterprise of Xuchang National Real Estate Development, has been adhering to the “integrity management and fulfilling every 27 years”. A commitment to the business philosophy, has entered Xuchang, Zhengzhou, Xinyang, Yuzhou, Changge, Yanling, Xiangcheng 7 cities, the development of 46 properties, the development volume has exceeded 5.6 million , the province has more than 120,000 A faithful owner.


Planning: 620,000 ㎡ Daduhui Complex

The total construction area of Hengda·Jinhui Plaza is about 620,000 ㎡. It covers a 6-storey shopping mall, 18 boutique residences, a 5A-class office building, 2 SOHO apartments and 33,000 ㎡ commercial street. The planning of the commercial district on the south side of the Bayi Road includes large supermarkets, department stores, cinemas, restaurants, and children's experience halls. It can meet our daily needs of clothing, food, housing, transportation, office and entertainment.


Lot: Gold Center cannot be copied

Hengda·Jinhui Square is located in the northeast of Beiguan Street, Bayi Road. It is located in the old town of Weidu, Dongda District in Dongda, and Xuchang New District in the north. It is located in the intersection of the three districts and enjoys the prosperity of the old city. it goes without saying.

Financial insurance: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, Central Plains Bank, DuPont Insurance;

Health and Sports: City Center Hospital, City People's Hospital, Renhe Hospital, Kangbaijia Fitness Club;

Entertainment: Blue Coast Holiday Hotel, Yonglemen KTV, New Facebook Entertainment Club;

Enjoy the scenery: Cao Prime Minister , Xihu Park, Qingyi River Park, Nan Hucheng River, Xudu Park.


Transportation: Three-dimensional traffic is convenient for travel

The rise of urban development relies on traffic first, and the city's convenient life depends on multi-dimensional transportation. Tianbao Road on the north side of Hengda Jinhui Square has direct access to Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao and Yongdeng Expressways, and directly to The high-speed railway station, airport, and Zhengxu Iron. Capital, business cooperation and family travel are freely accessible, and convenient transportation is seamlessly connected to the world.

The main road of the east side of the project is Wenfeng Road, which runs north and south, and the south side of Bayi Road traverses east and west. Convenient transportation helps you to travel around the city without worry.


Education: 0-18 years old full-time school

Since it occupies the out-of-print position of the Golden Center, it must have a wealth of supporting resources. The education of the project is very heavy. Why do you say this? To sum it up: 1. The school is close to home 2. The school is more comprehensive 3. The teaching quality is excellent. There are dozens of high-quality prestigious schools of all ages in our vicinity. Kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools are all available. For example, Health Road Kindergarten, Bayi Road Kindergarten, Military Kindergarten, and Cultural Street Kindergarten are one stop. The distance; Bayi Road Primary School, Health Road Primary School, Cultural Street Primary School, Xuefu Street Primary School are also very close. The city's key middle school Xuchang City, a middle school, the provincial key middle school, a high is near. It is very convenient for children to go to school.


Landscape: Three Landscape Groups

The landscape design of Hengda   Jinhui Plaza is based on the classic Art Deco garden. The community entrance, the central water feature and the green space of the house form the main axis of the east-west landscape. The community main roads are organically connected in series, and in turn, the congregation landscape, the central waterscape, and the children's paradise are the three landscape groups. The majestic and welcoming Yingbin Avenue, the fresh and dynamic central waterscape, and the clover-style children's paradise all make the buildings and landscapes stand out. One, restore the natural color. Let every day's leisure time be refreshing, and everything is covered with scenery.


Product: All-in-one type to experience

The project is currently launched with 85 gold diamond two-bedroom, 115 comfortable three-bedroom, 207㎡ luxury four-bedroom and other residential units and 50㎡ magical SOHO apartment, multiple choices of multiple spaces to meet the pursuit of different quality of life!

Classification: county series  
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