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Rising from the economic tide of 1992,

28 years of continuous efforts and progress,, ranked in the top 50 Henan real estate,

From Wenfeng Square, Weiwudi Square to Jinhui Square、Beihai Dragon City,

28 years, 7 cities, 51properties, 6.9million square meters,

Always adhere to the city's operations as their responsibility, to create a better life for you!

In 1992 Xuchang Hengda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established.

In 1993  The Nanshunhe Commercial and Residential Building Project, the first commercial and residential community developed by Xuchang City, was launched.

In 1994  The company built a residential building project—Beiguan New Village, for Xuchang City Development Office, Construction Bank and Water Saving Office.

In 1995   the project of Nanjiuqu Street Commercial and Residential Community was delivered.

In 1996  The Hengdali market was completed and the company took the first step in the field of commercial real estate development.

In 1997  the West Lake commercial office project was started.

In 1998  The key project of Xuchang Old Town Reconstruction —Chunqiu Garden Project started.

In 1999  Xuchang Hengda Property Management Co., Ltd. was established, and Xuchang Weidu Hotel Co., Ltd. was merged and reorganized.

In 2000   The Urban Garden Project opened.

In 2001  Zhengzhou Sydney Sunshine Project was launched.

In 2002  Controlled Xuchang Second Construction (Group) Co., Ltd.

In 2003  Acquired the right to develop the Wenfeng Garden Project.

In 2004  Xuchang Wenfeng Square was delivered and the Yancheng Commercial Street Project in Xiangcheng County was started.

In 2005  The Zhengzhou Longhu Building project was delivered and the Zhengzhou Oriental Mingdu Project was started.

In 2006  Holding Xuchang People's Cinema Co., Ltd.

In 2007   Xuchang Weiwudi Square and Xiangfu Garden Project started.

In 2008   Xinyang Hengda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was registered and the Hengda·Mingmen Shangju Project was acquired.

In 2009  Started the development of the Yuzhou Hengda·Sunshine City project with a total development area of approximately 2.2 million square meters..

In 2010  Advanced into Xuchang Dongcheng District and obtained high-end residential projects—Hengda·Mingmen Shangju and Hengda·NAPA Xidi.

In 2011   Xuchang Hengda Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. was promoted to a national first-class real estate development qualification enterprise.

In 2013   Yanling Hengda Mingmen Shangju and Hengda Sunshine City projects were launched simultaneously.

In 2014   The group was awarded the honorary title of “City Operation Brand” and “Integrity Real Estate Enterprise”.

In 2015  Hengda·Jinhui square and Hengda·Beihai Longcheng Project were launched simultaneously.

In 2016  Yuzhou Hengda was promoted to a national first-class real estate development qualification enterprise, and Hengda Group became a comprehensive enterprise group with two qualifications.

In 2017  The Hengda West County Project and the Hengda Weiyuan Project were launched.

In 2018  The Yuzhou Hengda Xijun project was launched; Hengda Group was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

In 2019   Xuchang Hengda Wangjiao Project, Hengda Lanjun Project, Hengda Heyuan Project, Hengda Jiuxifu Project, Yuzhou Hengda Binhefu Project, Changge Hengda Junyuefu Project, Yanling Hengda Guobinfu Project,Hengda Xijun Project, Xiangcheng Hengda Xijun Project,start one after another.



Over the past 28 years, our Group has developed King of  North, Jinhui plaza , NAPA Xidi ……

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